Mark Triggs

Hi! I'm Mark. I'm a Canberra-based software programmer and systems person.

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About me

I like working directly with people. No technology for technology's sake, no hiding behind some faceless corporate IT department: just helping people to articulate their needs and finding effective ways to meet them. Tell me what you need and I'll make sure it happens.

My area of expertise is web applications, and I wear a few different hats. As a developer, I've created new web applications and enhanced existing ones; as server operations I've deployed systems and kept them running smoothly, advising on issues like performance, scalability and reliability. Since the roles are complementary, I most often end up doing both within a project.

I'm currently working with New York University, with Hudson Mononglo on the ArchivesSpace project, and on a constant stream of other projects. In a former life, I worked at the National Library of Australia and developed the NLA Catalogue.

If you would like to work with me, just drop me a line at Or see my professional bio here.


My GitHub stuff

Elisp code

I've written a lot of elisp code but it's mostly just for me (or anyone else who is willing to trawl through it). Here is my elisp code.

Sawfish code

I still really like the Sawfish window manager. Here is my Sawfish code.

Some articles

Well, maybe "articles" is a little grandiose. Every now and then I feel like writing about how I did something in the hope that future Googlers will find it. Here's that stuff.